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Small business website design is now flooded with bad companies trying to con small businesses out of money and giving the majority a bad name. We try to work with every client to deliver a quality product and website.

Reviews these days don't really mean much as people can post under many names and duplicate postings in order to try destroy a companies reputation. The things to look for are definitely the companies portfolio and see if they have quality customers and quality work.

Most small businesses will need a starter package just to get them a web presence and to start the ball rolling. It is always good to have some kind of SEO campaign running at the same time.

Go with someone who can deliver what you need and be sure to outline this immediatly with the website designer and not just assume they know what you need as sometimes they will not.

Have an idea of the kind of website you like and some sites you like to better aid your designer and thier team in the long run.

Small Business Website Design

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