What is quality hosting about?

There are many forms of hosting available to people now and it's hard to decide which is the best. Some times it helps to get a bit of advice and information on this as there are so many types of hosting package.

Hosting can be on managed servers or non managed servers, cloud, vps and many more. The average website will be on a shared hosting system much like a hub which serves all those sites. We tend not to use this system as it can become problematic to customers in the long run should a problem arise or there be a virus or issue with the server.

VPS hosting can be the best way to go if you have the money to spend as you will have a dedicated server setup for your needs and can be managed well by a third party.

Cloud hosting can be just as good if the cloud is not bogged down with rubbish and bandwidth stealing sites. By rubbish we mean sites that are not the best for your campaigns. You don't want to be on a server with a ton of porn sites.

Shared hosting can also be a good option if your site is small and only around a page in size. This can also be useful if you are a small company as it can cost as little as £21.99 a year.

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